How to Survive a Mass Shooting

How to Survive a Mass Shooting

As violence continues to rise in the US, so too does the number of people purchasing active shooter response kits. These kits are designed to help people survive a mass shooting or other Active Shooter incident. While no one wants to imagine themselves in such a situation, it is important to be prepared. If you are a gun owner, consider purchasing an active shooter response kit. With the proper preparation, you may be able to survive a mass shooting.

What Would You Do?

It's important that we all take a moment to think about what we would do if we found ourselves in the middle of an active shooter situation. Would you run? Hide? Fight back? It's crucial that we have a plan in place so that we can act quickly and survive.

The Danger is Real

The number one thing a person can do to prepare themselves for the possibility of being involved in a mass shooting is to realize that the danger is real. This alone already puts you steps ahead of the rest of the public, because at the very least you will start to become a little bit more aware of your surroundings and the possible dangers that exist.

Where Do Mass Shootings Occur?

Modern-day shootings seem to have an element of randomness, which can make people feel like there's nothing they can do to reduce their chances of getting caught in the crossfire. However, if you look at a majority of these shootings, there are some common factors. For example, many of these shootings happen in gun-free zones. This is because shooters know they will meet little resistance in these areas. As such, one thing you can do to reduce your risk is to avoid places that limit your ability to defend yourself.

A second factor to be aware of is that many shooters target events that will get a lot of media attention. This includes large public events, grand openings, and opening night premiers. So, while you shouldn't live your life in fear, it's important to be more alert in these types of situations.

Have An Exit Strategy

As active shooter incidents continue to occur in the United States, it's important to know what to do if you find yourself in one. The first step is to have an exit strategy. Knowing where your exits are ahead of time can help you get out quickly and safely if a shooting does occur. This simple measure can save lives. So if you're ever in a public place, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the exits and have a plan in mind for how you would get out if an emergency did occur.

Prioritize Escape Over Fighting Back

When it comes to surviving a mass shooting, always prioritize escape over fighting back. In reality, fighting back is often the last resort option – but one that you must be prepared for. Keep in mind that unlike in movies, one bullet can end your life. So while escape should always be your top priority, be ready to fight if necessary.

Should You Run or Hide?

Should you run or hide when there is an active shooter? That's a question with no easy answer and one that you'll have to make a split-second decision on if you find yourself in that situation.

In general, experts say that your best bet is to get away from the danger as quickly as possible. But there are a lot of variables at play in any given scenario, so it's impossible to give definitive advice.

Still, if you find yourself caught in the middle of a mass shooting, your number one priority should be to get to safety. Hunkering down and waiting it out is almost always a death sentence. So if you can, run. And don't stop until you're far away from the danger.

When To Take Action

No one knows when or where a mass shooting will take place. If you find yourself in the middle of one, your best chance of survival may be to take action when the gunman pauses or is reloading. This could be your only opportunity to escape or fight back. Stay alert and be ready to act quickly if the situation permits.

Signal For Help

If you're ever in the position of having to hunker down, it's important to know how to signal for help. If you can quickly dial 911 without taking your eyes off the danger, then do so. Remember that there's a difference between cover and concealment - you need to take cover behind something that will actually stop a bullet. In the real world, things like chairs and cars might not stop a bullet. Be mindful of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Situational Awareness Is Key

When it comes to surviving a shooting, one of the most important things you can do is to increase your level of situational awareness. This means taking note of your surroundings on a regular basis and being aware of anything that looks out of the ordinary.

If you have kids, it’s important to teach them about situational awareness as well. Show them where exits are when you enter a building and encourage them to pay attention to their surroundings. And remind them to put down their electronic devices – if you’re constantly staring at your phone, you’re not going to see anything else.

Trust your gut instincts – if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Common Mistakes

What are some of the biggest mistakes that people are told by the media and authorities to do if they find themselves in the middle of a mass shooting? One of the most common pieces of advice is to shelter in place, but this does nothing more than make you an easy target for the shooter. Another big mistake is not owning a firearm, which can help even the playing field and give you a fighting chance. The bottom line is that these shooters want easy targets, and the police may not arrive in time. So it’s up to you to take action and protect yourself.

Start Preparing Today

If you're looking for a way to be prepared for an active shooter situation, look no further than the Active Shooter Response System from U.S. Kinetic. This system can be stored in your home, office, or car and has everything you need to respond quickly and effectively to an active shooter. Plus it's made in the USA! So don't wait - get your hands on an ASRS today and be prepared.

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