Intelligence Documents Reveal Secret Drone Attack Against U.S. Power Grid
It is undeniable that drone threats are a reality that need to be taken seriously. As drones become more sophisticated with their capabilities for surveillance and sabotage against targets - like power plants, water treatment facilities, medical centers, etc. - we can expect these attacks will only get worse as the technology increases and the Department of Homeland Security continues to fall behind the power curve in protecting American infrastructure.
Is The Power Grid America's Greatest Vulnerability?
The power grid in the United States has been a main topic of discussion for many years. It is crucial to our everyday lives, but it also provides an easy way to disable the country. 
The Global Cyber-Attack Campaign
The internet is an invaluable tool of the elite to spread propaganda and assist in the efficiency of tracking and tracing the population, but to control the flow of information, powerful elites would need to deny internet access to anyone who might dissent or speak out against those in power.
How to Survive the Great Reset
There is no “getting back to normal.” The COVID-19 pandemic has given global authoritarians the pretext to institute their plans for total control over your life. From online censorship to digital tracking, a worldwide totalitarian attack is underway. International organizations...
Are You Prepared for A “Cyber-Pandemic”?
Our dependence on the internet is most likely where the elites will shift their crosshairs next. A major cyber-attack that cripples internet services is possibly one of the worst imaginable scenarios, but it is not as far-fetched as we might hope.