FBI Informant Infiltration during the Capitol Incident on January 6, 2021

FBI Informant Infiltration during the Capitol Incident on January 6, 2021

Summary: Below is a comprehensive overview of the testimony provided by former FBI Assistant Director Steven D'Antuono regarding the presence of paid informants within the Capitol during the events of January 6, 2021. D'Antuono's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, as reported by the New York Post's Miranda Devine, reveals critical details concerning the extent of FBI informant infiltration and the challenges faced by the FBI in tracking and managing these informants.

Key Findings:

Numerous Paid Informants Present: Steven D'Antuono, formerly in charge of the FBI's Washington field office, disclosed that the FBI had a significant number of paid informants present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The exact number remains undisclosed but is believed to be substantial.

Informants from Multiple Field Offices: Informants from various FBI field offices were deployed to the Capitol that day, contributing to the complexity of tracking their activities. Some informants were acting on their own initiative, further complicating efforts to monitor their actions.

In-Depth Infiltration: One informant was in direct communication with their FBI handler as they breached the Capitol building. This level of involvement and access suggests a high degree of infiltration.

Audit Requested: Due to the overwhelming presence of informants, the FBI's Washington field office had to request assistance from FBI headquarters to conduct an audit to determine the scale and extent of informant involvement at the event.

Limited Disclosure: D'Antuono only revealed that "a handful" of informants were identified during the audit, leaving the exact number undisclosed.

Financial Allocation: According to the New York Post, the FBI allocates approximately $42 million annually to pay Confidential Human Sources (CHS). This funding raises questions about the scope and budgeting of informant operations.


D'Antuono's testimony raises several significant concerns:

Operational Oversight: The FBI appears to have faced difficulties in effectively tracking the activities and operations of its informants during the January 6 incident. This raises concerns about the agency's ability to maintain operational control over its informants.

Reliability and Vetting: There are indications that some informants may not have been thoroughly vetted, potentially compromising their reliability. The FBI's willingness to overlook red flags is of particular concern.

Involvement in Legal Proceedings: The revelation of multiple informants raises questions about their roles in legal proceedings against individuals arrested in connection with the Capitol incident. The credibility of informant testimonies may come under scrutiny.

Assessment: The presence of numerous paid informants during the events of January 6, 2021, as disclosed by Steven D'Antuono, highlights the challenges faced by the FBI in managing informant operations. These revelations have significant implications for the credibility of information gathered and shared by informants during the incident and subsequent legal proceedings. Further investigation and transparency are warranted to address these concerns and maintain the integrity of law enforcement operations.

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