Leaked Manifesto Reveals Chilling Details About Nashville School Shooting

Leaked Manifesto Reveals Chilling Details About Nashville School Shooting

A leaked manifesto has recently shed light on the tragic events that unfolded on March 27, 2023, when a devastating school shooting took place at The Covenant School in Nashville. The manifesto, authored by the shooter, Audrey "Aiden" Hale, has revealed disturbing insights into the events leading up to the tragedy, including the anti-white racial motivations that played a part in this deeply distressing incident. 

The manifesto, first obtained and released by the conservative YouTube show "Louder with Crowder," paints a grim picture of Audrey Hale's mindset in the days leading up to the attack. Hale meticulously planned the attack, resulting in the tragic deaths of three young children and three school staff members.

The three-page handwritten document includes various scribbled thoughts and screeds, with Hale ominously writing "DEATH DAY" alongside a target reticle and a pistol drawing, marking the date as "3/27/23." The manifesto also reveals that Hale expressed a mix of nervousness and excitement about the impending attack and had indicated she had been looking forward to it for weeks.

In the manifesto, Hale mentioned potential close calls in the past and expressed readiness for the attack. Additionally, Hale prayed to God for assistance and expected the attack to be swift.

What's particularly notable is that Audrey Hale signed the note with her "deadname," Audrey, which adds a layer of complexity to understanding the motivations behind the events.

The manifesto included a detailed schedule for the day, beginning at 6:30 a.m. and leading up to the attack. Hale was armed with two handguns and a rifle. While a plan to create a "final video tape" was mentioned, it remains unconfirmed and unreleased.

The manifesto indicated Hale's departure for The Covenant School around 11:35 on that fateful day. The last entries in the schedule included "open fire" at 12:35 and "time 2 die." Hale was shot dead by police around 10:27, ending the terrifying ordeal.

The manifesto also revealed that Hale used racist language to refer to the students, describing them as "cr*ckers" and expressing hatred for their perceived "white privilege." The note contained derogatory language targeting the students and their parents.

Hale also wrote, “Wanna kill all you little cr*ckers!!! Bunch of little f*gg*ts w/ your white privileges f— you f*gg*ts."

Critics of trans ideology have often pointed out that some transgender individuals transition due to difficulties in coping with homosexual attraction, and Hale was identified as lesbian before transitioning. 

The manifesto is dated March 2, 2023, and was discovered in Hale's clothes after the shooting. 

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