Navy Officer Blows Whistle on Disturbing Military Health Trends Post-COVID Vaccine Rollout

Navy Officer Blows Whistle on Disturbing Military Health Trends Post-COVID Vaccine Rollout

Lieutenant Ted Macie, an active duty Navy Medical Service Corps officer, has brought to light concerning trends within the military following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The officer recently blew the whistle on data extracted from a Pentagon medical database, revealing a substantial surge in myocarditis cases among military personnel subsequent to the vaccine administration.

Lt. Macie's revelations encompass not only the cardiac health implications of the vaccine but also a host of other alarming statistics. The dataset that Lt. Macie scrutinized, known as the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), utilizes International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes to record diagnoses while maintaining anonymity.

The officer's data-driven observations indicate a stark rise in several categories of incidents during 2021 when contrasted with the average figures spanning from 2016 to 2021. Noteworthy among these escalations is a staggering 147% surge in intentional self-harm episodes. Additionally, the data points to an astonishing 828% increase in injuries stemming from assaults among service members.

Lt. Macie's journey to unearth these statistics began when another whistleblower alerted him to an unusual upswing in health-related incidents within the military during 2021 and 2022. Prompted by this information, Lt. Macie turned his attention to the DMED, where he discovered the unsettling trends.

Lt. Macie relayed his discoveries to the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations and specifically to Senator Ron Johnson, who then cross-verified the data with the Pentagon. The accuracy of the data was subsequently affirmed.

In response to these disconcerting revelations, the Pentagon has proffered an alternate perspective. The military's official stance posits that the health problems witnessed among military personnel are more plausibly linked to COVID-19 infections rather than the vaccinations themselves.

However, Lt. Macie's mission is far from concluded. He intends to share additional data with his chain of command and with the office of Congressman Matt Gaetz. His aim is to draw attention to these pressing issues that require immediate attention.

The most recent data disclosed by Lt. Macie demonstrates a surge in a spectrum of incidents including exposure to natural forces, accidents during water and land transport, suicide attempts, assaults, and deliberate self-harm. Lt. Macie believes that these rising predicaments necessitate urgent attention and intervention on par with the focus on vaccine injuries.

While Macie's concerns are resolute, he is careful to distinguish his views as separate from the Department of Defense's official standpoint. Lt. Macie's goal is that Congress will take proactive measures to interrogate the Pentagon for comprehensive answers and actionable strategies to address these mounting challenges. As the nation looks on, the Navy officer's dedication to exposing the truth serves as a reminder of the crucial role transparency plays in maintaining the well-being of the nation's armed forces.

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