North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Receives Official Invitation from President Putin for Upcoming Russia Visit

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Receives Official Invitation from President Putin for Upcoming Russia Visit

In a significant diplomatic move, President Vladimir Putin has extended a formal invitation to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to visit Russia in the near future, as confirmed by the Kremlin in a statement released on Monday.

The invitation comes amid reports from South Korean broadcaster YTN, which suggested that Kim Jong-un was en route to the northeastern border of North Korea aboard a private train. This border area is situated near the Russian city of Vladivostok.

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov announced that the visit is scheduled to take place "in the coming days" and will involve high-level discussions between President Putin and Kim Jong-un, alongside delegations from both Russia and North Korea. There is also the possibility of one-on-one talks between the two leaders, should the need arise.

Recent reports, including coverage by The New York Times, have indicated that one of the key topics on the agenda for this meeting will be the exploration of further military cooperation between Russia and North Korea.

The timing of this visit coincides with President Putin's two day trip to Vladivostok, where he will be participating in the Eastern Economic Forum. This forum serves as a platform for regional economic and political dialogue, further highlighting the significance of the timing.

The most recent face-to-face meeting between President Putin and Kim Jong-un occurred in 2019 when the North Korean leader arrived in Vladivostok aboard his armored train. During that meeting, discussions centered on issues such as denuclearization, the situation on the Korean Peninsula, and various bilateral concerns.

The recent diplomatic developments also follow Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu's unexpected visit to Pyongyang in July, where he joined Kim Jong-un in observing a military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. During this visit, Shoigu proposed the idea of joint military exercises between the two nations, hinting at closer military ties.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a warning on the same day about a potential security crisis on the Korean Peninsula. The warning cited escalating tensions and aggressive rhetoric involving North Korea, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and their respective allies.

In recent weeks, the region has witnessed a series of North Korean missile launches and significant military exercises conducted by the United States and South Korea. These events have contributed to heightened concerns regarding stability in the Korean Peninsula, underscoring the significance of the upcoming talks between President Putin and Kim Jong-un.

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