UK Depletes Military Equipment for Ukraine, Calls on Allies for Support

UK Depletes Military Equipment for Ukraine, Calls on Allies for Support

The United Kingdom has depleted its available military equipment for Ukraine, and is calling on allies to step up support for the country.

The shortage includes air defense assets and artillery ammunition, according to British officials. Former Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has asked for £2.3 billion more for Ukraine, but the government has not yet announced whether it will provide additional funding.

The UK has been overtaken by Germany as the biggest European military donor to Ukraine, and there are reports that NATO support and unity may be fracturing. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has emphasized the need for other nations to contribute.

The UK has supplied Ukraine with a wide range of weapons and equipment, including anti-tank missiles, air defense systems, and artillery. However, the war has taken a heavy toll on the UK's own military stocks.

The UK's shortage of military equipment is a sign of the increasing intensity and duration of the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine Conducts High-Risk Operations Against Crimea

In the meantime, Ukraine has been conducting high-risk operations against Russian forces in Crimea. On August 9, Ukraine used UK-made Storm Shadow cruise missiles to strike a Russian airbase in Crimea, killing at least one person.

The Storm Shadow missile is a long range, precision-guided weapon that is used to destroy high value targets. However, it is also in short supply and expensive.

The use of Storm Shadow missiles in Crimea is a significant development, as it shows that Ukraine is capable of striking targets deep inside Russian territory. It also raises concerns about the potential for escalation.


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