White Farmer Brutally Murdered After Malema's Inflammatory Chants

White Farmer Brutally Murdered After Malema's Inflammatory Chants

South African political leader Julius Malema, who heads the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, has come under fire for leading racially violent chants at a massive rally last Saturday. The controversial chants, which included the genocidal song "Kill the Boer, the farmer," have sparked outrage and raised concerns about the growing racial tensions in the country.

The term "Boer" refers to the White descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, and the chant has deep historical and political connotations, evoking memories of the country's tumultuous past during the apartheid regime. Malema's involvement in leading such inflammatory chants has stoked fears of a resurgence of racial violence and has drawn criticism from various quarters.

The EFF has been steadily gaining influence in South African politics since the end of the apartheid era. Known for its radical stance on economic transformation and land redistribution, the party has garnered significant support from segments of the population dissatisfied with the slow pace of change after apartheid. Malema's actions at the recent rally have drawn condemnation from both domestic and international observers.

Julius Malema started as a prominent youth leader in the African National Congress (ANC), a party that played a crucial role in ending apartheid and was once led by Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first Black leader. Malema was expelled from the ANC in 2012 for his controversial statements and disruptive behavior, which critics argue further fuel division and racial tensions in the nation.

Just days after the racially charged chants led by Malema, a brutal and heinous attack occurred in Mpumalanga, South Africa. A white farmer, identified as Theo Bakker, was tragically tortured and killed on his property, while his wife, Marlinda Bakker, was beaten unconscious. According to reports, the attack took place shortly after Theo Bakker opened a gate to allow cattle to graze.

The assailants tied up the defenseless couple, stole firearms from the property, and fled in their vehicle. Four suspects were later apprehended after crashing the stolen car they were driving. The incident has sent shockwaves across the nation, with many expressing their condolences to the Bakker family while decrying the rising trend of farm murders. 

The Southern African Agri Initiative's Chairperson described the attack on the Bakker family as "horrendous" and pointed out a troubling increase in farm murders in recent months. South Africa has long struggled with the issue of targeting white farmers, which has raised concerns about the safety and security of white South Africans. 


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