How to Survive the Great Reset

How to Survive the Great Reset

There is no “getting back to normal.” The COVID-19 pandemic has given global authoritarians the pretext to institute their plans for total control over your life. From online censorship to digital tracking, a worldwide totalitarian attack is underway. International organizations are recreating the way the world operates. Their plans for your future affect everything including food and water supplies, the financial system, and medical services.

This plan to rebuild the world is called The Great Reset. The designers of this supposed future utopia are surprisingly open about exactly what their intentions are for you. In their own words, “you will own nothing.” The part they leave out is that they will own everything. Many people are now looking for practical ways to guarantee their survival under this new global operating system.

This is a brief list of the most important steps you need to take.

First, here are a few general, but still especially important, points.

Leave Cities

The scenes coming out of dozens of American cities have made it obvious that, if you are someone still living in a city, now is the time to leave. Burning, looting, pillaging, and rioting will only increase as more financial hardships begin to set in. Rural living will provide the best opportunities to thrive in the future.


Nobody can do it on their own. A group of like-minded people are far more likely to survive than the lone ranger.


Cultivating the right mindset is one of the most important keys to survival. Preparedness and a positive mental attitude go hand in hand. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be in your ability to succeed.  


Food and Water Supply

Under the system imposed by the Great Reset, unrest will increase putting a greater demand on global supply chains. We have seen just how fragile these chains can be. Making plans now to secure your food independence is one of the most important steps you can take in being prepared.

Raise Animals

Raise animals like chickens, goats, turkeys, or ducks to provide eggs, meat, and milk. Supply chains will be pushed to the breaking point and will no longer be reliable.

Store Food (1-3 year supply)

A large reserve of emergency food, enough for you and your family, will free up your time and energy to focus on other things. The last thing you would want is to be worried if you can eat that day.

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Procure Garden Seeds

Garden seeds are cheap, last a long time, and are easily stored in large quantities. Owning 5x more than what you will need for yourself gives you something to trade with.

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Water Filtration

Along with storing food, worrying about the essentials for survival on a daily basis will be draining. You need to guarantee that you have clean water to drink.


Health care and emergency medical services are not guaranteed in a volatile and unstable society like the one we will likely experience under the global reset. There has also been an increase in cyber and ransomware attacks against the medical care system. Have the skills and knowledge to take emergency medical care into your own hands.

Medical Supplies

Having a large but transportable stockpile of medical supplies will be invaluable. It is important to begin putting your emergency medical kits together now while they are still available.

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Medical Training

Learning basic first aid is a crucial skill. Rural living helps protect against the violence and unrest of the cities, but it also increases response times from first responders.



A key component of the Great Reset is an attack on the financial system. All economic power will belong to a few large corporations, and anyone considered to be a dissident will be locked out from buying or selling. Focus on securing financial independence apart from the major banks and corporations.

Invest in crypto currency

Crypto currencies allow for a large return on your investment in a relatively short amount of time. They are also decentralized, which means you do not have to worry about governments, banks, or inflation. 

Put your money into tangibles (Gold, silver, ammo, land)

As good as crypto currencies are, they do have their downsides. They require internet access (which isn't always a guarantee) and we have seen cases of the federal government remotely seizing millions of dollars in crypto directly from a crypto wallet. Physical assets like precious metals do not have these same vulnerabilities. 

Start a home-based business (bartered goods)

Achieve financial independence from large banks and corporations. The best way to do this is to work for yourself. Internet-based businesses are great for now, but running a business from your home is protected from cancel culture and the tyranny of Big Tech.

Real Life Skills

We are too dependent on automation and on-demand services. Under the global reset system, there will be increased automation. This means more dependence on the autocrats. Truly achieving self-reliance requires us to have some basic skills of our own.

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Hand tool skills

Become self-reliant for repairs and maintenance. The vulnerabilities of the power grid have begun to come to light. With the likelihood of major power outages coming, be prepared to perform most manual tasks on your own.

Hunting, Trapping, Fishing

You should have food stored to last you for 1-3 years, but hunting, trapping, and fishing are great ways to supplement your stored food supply. In a scenario where you do not have access to your supply, these skills may be your only means of procuring food.


Knowing how to safely handle firearms and shoot accurately serves multiple purposes. It allows you to be an effective hunter and it gives you a means of self-defense.


As conditions in the U.S. and around the world continue to get worse, more people will begin to stock up on survival supplies. With large demand and overburdened supply chains, critical gear may not always be as readily available as it is right now. Give yourself time to be fully prepared by beginning to stock up today.  


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    Hey, Nancy. The best way to mitigate fear is to be prepared.

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    This doesn’t do anything for anyone except put fear in them u should be ashamed.

  • Nancy Thompson

    I am believe if it’s my time then the good Lord will come for me.

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