Intelligence Community Documents Reveal Globalist Threat Against America

Intelligence Community Documents Reveal Globalist Threat Against America

America’s most senior intelligence officers quietly released the Global Trends Report, which revealed the intelligence community’s vision of globalization and the undermining of American sovereignty. The report is released every four years and is used to advise the incoming presidential administration and policymakers on intelligence analysis and strategy.

The Global Trends Report is released by The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the primary advisor to the president on matters related to national security. The information and strategies laid out in the document are written by the National Intelligence Council (NIC), a clique of intelligence officers drawn from government, academia, and the private sector. These are the organizations that wield the most influence over national security strategy at the highest levels of government.

You might think that intelligence officials at the highest levels should be developing strategies to preserve American culture and way of life. Instead, in their vision of the future, we need to increase “global multilateralism”. This should raise some serious red flags for anyone who is aware of the threat of globalism and the devastation it will bring to us as Americans.

The report lays out four structural forces that will be the weapons with which the global elites will subvert traditional norms, rules, and institutions.

  • Demographic Changes
  • Environmentalism
  • Economics
  • Technology

Here, we will look at a summary of the report and assess some of its potential implications for future U.S. defense strategy and its impact on American citizens.  


For several decades, birthrates among developed nations have been dropping dramatically, resulting in a higher median age for these countries. With low birthrates and an aging population, there will be a shortage of working-age people.

While Western populations decrease, the populations of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are rising. The inability of these countries to develop their infrastructure and education systems at the same rate their populations are increasing will lead to people leaving those regions and migrating to more developed parts of the world, bringing their culture and values with them, which almost never align with Western values.   

Although it is true that fewer working-age people in countries like the U.S. creates certain problems that should be addressed, the focus of our government should be on fixing these problems while also preserving and protecting our culture. Instead, the global elites see it as an opportunity to permanently change the demographics of the United States. In fact, protecting native-born Americans is not a concern of theirs at all. Their focus is on productivity and taxes. As they state in the report, “Immigrants can help developed economies mitigate the downsides of an aging population by improving economic productivity, providing services, and expanding the tax base.”

The strategic planners within our government see no need to uphold American cultural norms or protect our citizens from the potential threats of unmitigated increases in immigration. Over time, this kind of mass migration and mixing of cultures will lead to a borderless world and will require international systems to manage the flow of people from one region to another. As they say themselves, “…power in the international system will evolve to include a broader set of sources and features with expanding technological, network, and information power complementing more traditional military, economic, and cultural soft power.”

We can see that their answer to demographic issues within our country is not to fix them internally but is to set up “global intergovernmental organizations”, which will inevitably erase national borders. The global elites will benefit from this by moving the workers into the developed countries with more resources, but the average American will see their families and communities disappear and be replaced by foreign groups.


Despite the topic of man-made climate change being a highly contested issue, the authors of the Global Trends Report base their assessments on the assumption that it is already a proven fact. They use the presupposition of human effects on climate change to make the argument that third world countries will bear most of the cost to combat global warming. This point is used to say that all developed countries, including the U.S., have an obligation to be members of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Many within the United States see this treaty as being unfair toward us and as an attempt to bleed America dry economically.

The Deep State authors of the Global Trends Report also point to what they call “Environmental Degradation”. This is the idea that world resources will be mismanaged without the help of a global organization to oversee it. They claim that, if the world’s resources are left in the hands of independent nations and private owners, there will inevitably be unsustainable expansion of agriculture, water misuse, and pollution. They try to paint a dark picture by telling us that all of this will cause food and water insecurity and threats to human health.

Of course, they determine that the solution is more globalization. The report states, “Greater demands will be made on international financing vehicles such as the Green Climate Fund.”

Not only do they want increased globalization, but they want these global institutions to have greater amounts of power, removing any possibility of backlash from those who oppose the globalist agenda. That desire is clearly laid out when they write, “Current international law and cooperative bodies are increasingly mismatched to global climate challenges… Many existing organizations designed to help manage shared resources… may be overwhelmed or sidelined, given their voluntary nature and lack of enforcement mechanisms.”

So, the answer the American intelligence community gives us in response to the “threat” of climate change is increasingly powerful global bodies, rather than investing in the strength of our own nation.


The National Intelligence Council outlines what they call a “fragmented trading environment” where independent nations are allowed to make their own trade rules and agreements with other nations without oversight or approval by any global governing body. Of course, they see this as a problem and believe that new worldwide trade agreements will resolve this perceived deficiency.

A portion of the Global Trends Report states, “The global trading system is likely to become even more fragmented during the next two decades. Since the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995, little or no progress has been made toward additional global trade agreements. Regional and bilateral trade agreements have proliferated, further fragmenting the global trading environment. Only a single multilateral agreement, the Trade Facilitation Agreement, has been completed since the WTO’s inception.” Since they see the World Trade Organization as a failed and outdated model for global trade, they want to create additional worldwide organizations to dictate trade agreements down to the nation-states.

The global elites see the fragmentation of trading systems as a means by which they lose control over the world’s resources. The influence of powerful international bankers decreases if two countries can independently choose the terms of trade between themselves. It is becoming more apparent that the agenda of these transnational financiers has infiltrated the U.S. government, including our intelligence community, as we see in this report. This is why the ODNI is advocating for more trade agreements on a global scale. It bolsters the power of international banks and usurps the control that nations have over their own economies.


The biggest technological development to influence the globalist agenda in the future is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the NIC cannot help but sound more than a little bit excited about the levels of control this will give them over the masses.

It is hard to even imagine the sheer amount of data that the government and private companies currently have and will continue to collect on the general population. The intelligence community sees this as a great advantage for their purposes. “Institutions, companies, and countries already investing in ways to acquire, classify, store, and monetize data will have advantages.” So, not only do they want to continue collecting your data, but they also want to monetize and profit from it.

This obviously raises major privacy concerns. Not only will the authorities have all your private information, but they will also be able to track your every move. They say, “Current notions of privacy will continue to evolve, with individuals needing to share more personal information for access to applications, and tracking becoming ubiquitous”.

The report goes on to say, “Moreover, many companies and organizations will also have powerful tools such as video manipulation, or deep fakes, to improve tailored marketing or advance a particular narrative.” Additionally, “Real-time, manufactured, or synthetic media could further distort truth and reality, destabilizing societies at a scale and speed that dwarfs current disinformation challenges.” It is already abundantly clear that the government and media will do whatever they can to advance a particular narrative. Now that they will have the abilities to perform “deep fakes” and “video manipulation”, there is no telling how far they might go to propagandize the minds of the public.

To summarize what the National Intelligence Council sees as the future of technology in the world, they write, “Privacy and anonymity may effectively disappear by choice or government mandate, as all aspects of personal and professional lives are tracked by global networks.” There is no question that the global elites will use the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence to advance their agenda of global dominance.


Although the National Intelligence Council tries to avoid making statements that go too far in showing their support of globalization and the erosion of American sovereignty and independence, a critical reader of the Global Trends Report can clearly recognize the similarities between this report and other statements made by groups that overtly advocate for the globalist agenda. The four structural forces that they lay out (Demographics, Environmentalism, Economics, Technology) bear a familiar resemblance to the plans laid out by the United Nations and Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the World Economic Forum and author of the book Covid-19: The Great Reset.

The concerned citizen, when evaluating the volatile situation in the U.S., should not only look at the political and cultural landscape, but also needs to consider the situation we see with our national security community and closely assess if their strategies and agendas are truly in line with what is best for our country and our people.

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