The Authoritarian Attack On Your Freedom

The Authoritarian Attack On Your Freedom

An atmosphere of fear has dominated the world for the last year and a half. The unrest and instability in the US and around the world have escalated to a level that most of us alive today have never seen before. World War II, which now took place 8 decades ago, is the most recent event that might compare to today’s chaos. But even The Great War does not match up to the situation we find ourselves in today. Back then, the lines were clearly drawn. It was clear who the good guys were, who the bad guys were, and everyone knew which side they were on. Today, we face deep states and shadow governments. Unseen forces, operating in secret, plot endlessly to erase the world as we know it and replace it with a totalitarian regime.

This assault has been carried out on several fronts. Just a few of them are worldwide lockdowns, censorship, and vaccination mandates.


The origins of COVID-19 are still unknown. Of course, the mainstream media narrative is still that the virus originated in a wet market in Wuhan, but that theory has never been proven. In fact, there is mounting evidence that the virus was manufactured and leaked from the Wuhan lab. We will have to continue waiting for more information but believing in coincidence (especially in an election year) would be naïve.

Whatever it’s origins may be, the response to COVID was well orchestrated by the elites. Planet wide lockdowns crushed the middle class, forced many into bankruptcy, and permanently closed small businesses.

Aside from these physical effects, the lockdowns caused psychological damage as well. Suicides increased (especially in children), divorce rates went up, and depression skyrocketed as a result of billions of people being forced into solitary confinement.

With all these obvious negative effects of the lockdowns, in response to a virus with a high survival rate, why would governments around the globe implement them? The fact is global elites have benefitted greatly from these restrictions. With no competition from small businesses, giant corporations like Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart etc. had record breaking profits.

When people cannot work and earn a paycheck, they are forced into government dependence. Being dependent on the government for a check and your next meal is a strong motivator to stay in line and not speak out against the government’s agenda.


For those who have chosen to speak out against the regime, the punishments have been swift and severe. We have seen deplatforming across social media platforms, which are now essential forms of communication. The banks have even frozen the accounts of individuals who have expressed the “wrong” ideas.

The most well-known example of deplatforming is Donald Trump. We now live in a world when a private company has the authority to cut off communications between a sitting US President and the people who elected him.

There is also the case of Lauren Witzke, former candidate for US Senate in Maryland. Not only was she banned from Twitter, but her personal bank account with Wells Fargo was shut down simply because she has a traditional view of gender.

For now, prominent thought leaders are being banned one by one, but sooner or later, anyone with “wrong-think” will be banned, deplatformed, and cut off from financial services.

Vaccine Mandates

It is only a matter of time before the general public faces vaccine mandates across the board. Major US cities, like New York, have already begun to implement vaccine passports.

Millions of Americans continue to refuse the vaccine, largely because it is being pushed by some of the least trusted institutions in the world: the government, the media, and Big Pharma.

Despite this, the government wants to violate your bodily autonomy and forcefully inject you with an experimental medical treatment. Giving up control over your own body to the government is the ultimate form of surrender. If the authorities can dictate that you be injected with an unproven substance, there is no longer any limitation to the extent they will go to demand compliance.


This is a small list of the factors contributing to the disorder in society today. When we consider these things plus other problems like stolen elections, unmitigated mass migration into the US, and riots around the world, it is clear that the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Preparing to protect yourself, your family, and your community is the duty of every responsible citizen.


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