About U.S. Kinetic

“The Nation that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”
– Thucydides
U.S. Kinetic
U.S. Kinetic was founded in response to emerging threats such as globalism and the erosion of American sovereignty, the rise of domestic terrorist organizations like Antifa, the tyranny of Big Tech, cultural instability, and unrest around the world. Our mission is to provide insight on the nature of these threats and to contribute to the readiness of responsible citizens.
U.S. Kinetic gathers information and analyzes current events. With the “data explosion” of the 21st century, it is impossible for everyone to process and accurately evaluate every piece of information in the news. It is even more difficult to assess the relevance and reliability of this information. U.S. Kinetic exists to keep you informed by collecting and analyzing reports, allowing you to make educated risk assessment decisions, and to keep you prepared by supplying you with high quality tactical and survival gear.
We gather pertinent reports from multiple sources and collect them in one location, keeping you up to date on all critical events regarding national and global security, societal unrest, cultural divisions, privacy violations, and all other significant factors that affect your security and disaster readiness.
We provide analysis and assessment of recent events. With the overload of conflicting and unreliable messages from mainstream sources, determining the importance and meaning of each of these reports is an overwhelming task. That is why we examine critical events and disseminate our conclusions to concerned and security-conscious Americans, allowing you to evaluate the reliability and significance of these reports.
Our goal is to supply you with the required gear and equipment to survive and persist in the potentially austere environment of the future. We provide top-tier equipment that is designed, tested, and used daily by military veterans and law enforcement personnel.