AR500 Armor® Heritage Plate

AR500 Armor® Heritage Plate

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Affordable, strong, and reliable: Our AR500 Armor® Heritage Plate from Armored Republic is made of our custom steel alloy blend which is engineered to perform better than the generic AR500 steel used by other armor and target makers. The armor plate comes in flat and curved forms, features level 3 body armor protection, multi-hit capability, and has a durable FragLock base coating. Additionally, this armor plate has a lengthy shelf life, retaining its full strength for twenty years.

Essential protection ought to be affordable and reliable, which is why Armored Republic is proud to offer one of the most cost-effective plates on the market with our AR500 Armor® Heritage Plate: The plate material is a steel alloy blend, has our patented Advanced Shooters Cut shape, and is covered with an exclusive FragLock™ Base Coat.

Our AR500 Armor® Heritage armor plate, unlike ceramic or polyethylene alternatives, is capable of protecting against several direct hits while still being less bulky than competing materials. It also has been independently tested in accordance with NIJ 0101.06 threat levels through Oregon Ballistics (OBL), and H.P. White Laboratories. This means that its level 3 body armor protection is rated to stop 7.62x51 M80 NATO Ball (.308 Winchester) at a velocity of up to 2,780 FPS, and special threat tested to stop 5.56mm M855/SS109 (Green Tip) at a velocity of 2,780 FPS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does level 3 body armor protect against? The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) protection rating for level 3 body armor is 6x shots of 7.62x51mm @ 2,780 FPS from 51' away. Some level III plates are considered special threat plates in that in addition to this they will address other common threats. For example, our level 3 Heritage Plate will stop 5.56x45 M855 “green tips” @ 2,780 FPS from a 16” barrel, while our P2 plates will stop 5.56x45 M193 Ball @ 3,200 FPS. 
  • What will IIIA body armor stop? IIIA body armor is rated to stop 6x hits from 125-grain .357 SIG FMJ flat-nose bullets with speeds up to 1,470 feet per second and 240-grain .44 Magnum Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets with speeds up to 1,430 ft/s, along with all lesser handgun threats.
  • Can civilians own level 3 body armor? Yes, except in New York and Connecticut. Both of these states restrict body armor ownership to law enforcement and active military only.

Material: AR500 steel alloy blend, with FragLock Coating

Protection: 7.62 mm FMJ, steel-jacketed bullets (U.S. Military designation M80) with a specified mass of 9.6 g (147gr) and a velocity of 2,780 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s).

Capability: Edge-to-edge multi-hit protection 

Form: Flat and Curved (base coat)


  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Thickness: 0.34" thick
  • Plate Carriers: Testudo, Valkyrie, & Invictus

Shelf life: 20 years

Manufactured: United States


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I love it. The design is simple, lightweight and very low profile. It was exactly what I was looking for. The materials, stitching and workmanship is very apparent when you handle it. All of that combined with an amazing price point and quick shipping.

Raymond I.

Awesome gear, great prices. Order shipped quickly and it was accurate. Definitely recommend. Thanks!

Wes Johnson